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System of Care

Designed in the mid 1980's for children with serious emotional disturbance, the System of Care (SOC) approach has demonstrated effectiveness in improving individual outcomes; including; but not limited to the following outcomes: decreased behavioral concerns, improved academic performance, and decreased contacts with the juvenile justice system. Parents who have received these services have also reported increased satisfaction with treatment and decreased levels of family stress. In addition, this model of integrated programming has demonstrated decreased use of out of home placement and reduced rates of re-institutionalization.

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services received a one year System of Care Expansion Planning grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in September 2011.  The planning grant called ENGAGE (Empowering the New Generation to Achieve their Goals through Empowerment) focused on expanding the System of Care framework and philosophy statewide focused on youth and young adults, ages 14-21, with mental health conditions, co-occurring disorders, and multi-system needs. In July 2013, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in partnership with Ohio Family and Children First received the 4 Year System of Care Implementation Grant from SAMHSA to expand system of care throughout Ohio for youth and yong adults in transition.  Click here to learn more about Ohio's System of Care Expansion Grant called ENGAGE.   

In addition, several state agencies have pooled funding to provide some flexibility with non-clinical services and supports for children, youth, young adults and their families.  This unique funding stream is called Family-Centered Services and Supports (see below for more information).

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Family-Centered Services and Supports (FCSS)

The Ohio Family and Children First (OFCF) Cabinet Council is committed to continuing the effors to improve programs, services, and supports for children with muliple system issues.  This commitment is shown through the conintuation of the Family-Centered Services and Supports (FCSS) initiatives which began in SFY 10 (July 2009).  The purposse is to maintain children and youth in their own homes through the provision of non-clinical, community-based services.  Families who have children with multiple systemic needs identified through the county Family and Children First Council (FCFC) service coordination process are eligible for FCSS funded services and supports.

Below are documents related to Family-Centered Services and Supports:

FCSS SFY22 Guidance Documents

FCSS Fiscal Forms

​FCSS Reports

​FCSS Prior Year Guidance Documents