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Partnerships for Success

Partnerships for Success (PfS) was an initiative by the Ohio Family and Children First (OFCF) Cabinet Council and was managed by the OSU Center for Learning Excellence.

PfS is a community-based process designed to build capacity to plan, implement and ultimately make decisions about investments in child and family serving interventions. The PfS process focuses on the management of community efforts to address significant local issues and includes a series of tools and procedures that community members can use to facilitate their collaborative efforts to address a variety of concerns related to community well-being. These tools and procedures are based on the most current community development theories and experiences of practitioners across the country.

PfS supported and strengthened county Family and Children Councils' (FCFC) capacity to improve family and child well-being. 55 county FCFCs participated in some phase of PfS and learned to mobilize communities around issues related to families and children and engage them in action, reduce the duplication of effort between and among state and local agencies, make better decisions that lead to better investments of public dollars, evaluate the impact of these investments with a focus on accountability, and provide for long-term sustainability of effective programs and services.  In fact, for every dollar invested in PfS by the state, there was an $11.52 return (2005-2006 PfS Progress Report).  

Currently there is no funding for the continuation or expansion of PfS.

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