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Quick Links for Parents

OFCF designed this Parent/Family Resource Page to help parents gain quick access to frequently requested information and resources.  If there are other links that should be included on this page, please email OFCF.

Family Engagement and Empowerment

Looking for new ideas or ways to strengthen family involvement and voice in the work of county Family and Children First Councils (FCFCs)?

Want to learn about Parent Advocacy Connection (PAC) and how PAC could possibly assist you?

FCFC Service Coordination

Each county Family and Children First Council (FCFC) is mandated to provide service coordination to families with children with multiple needs.  Families can self-refer to their county FCFC for service coordination or be referred by an agency. 

Want to learn more about the FCFC Service Coordination process?

Want to contact someone in your county regarding service coordination?

Involved with your county FCFC Service Coordination process, but need to make a referral to the OFCF State Service Coordination Committee because your child's needs are not being met or the team is unsure about how to address your child and family's needs?

Building Community Capacity

Want to see the your county FCFC priorities for children?

Shared Accountability

Want to better understand the "lingo" (or alphabet soup) often used in meetings?

Ever wonder what the definitions are for terms such as "cultural sensitivity", "least restrictiveness", "promising practice"?

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