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Communication Toolkit for FCFCs

The Tool Kit offers communication support to county Family and Children First Councils (FCFC) throughout Ohio. Materials include information on internal and external communication that promotes the existence and work of the FCFCs as well as implementation strategies for county initiatives utilizing media literacy, media advocacy, and social marketing. The content includes handouts, worksheets, plan templates, usable graphics and resources on the following topics:

  • Using the Media to Your Advantage
  • 7 Critical Media Questions
  • Working With the Media
  • Media Strategy Plan
  • How to Write a Basic Press Release
  • Branding
  • Website Design Tool
  • Communications Template
  • Sample Letterhead
  • Political Advocacy
  • How to Contact Your Lawmaker
  • Community Awareness Calendar
  • OFCF Indicators by Commitment
  • Ohio Media Outlet Guide
  • OFCF Brochure Template
  • SAMHSA Federal Media Alerts
  • CSAP Central CAPT Social Marketing Booklet & CD


Family and Children First Councils Connect the Dots for Families 

Your county's Family and Children First Council (FCFC) connects the dots to eliminate redundancy and bring resources together for planning, monitoring, and improving outcomes for families and children.

The Mission of County FCFCs is to increase the access, capacity and effectiveness of services for the most vulnerable of our county's youth and their families whose needs extend beyond any one youth-serving program.

In short, FCFCs are the only entity that "connects the dots" for children and families who are in need of multiple servicesClick here to see how FCFCs Connect the Dots for Families (courtesy of Ohio Family and Children First Council Association).

Any family with a child or youth (age birth through 21 years) in need of a coordinated inter-disciplinary plan to address their unique needs is eligible for service coordination through FCFC.  Referrals typically come through provider agencies, but any family has the right to self-refer for service coordination.