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Family Engagement Research

OFCF with funding from the Ohio Department of Mental Health researched the possibility of creating a Network for Family Engagement and Empowerment in 2008.

The proposed purpose of the Network would be to:

  • Serve as the Network of family advocacy across the state
  • Serve as a Resource Center/Clearinghouse for family advocates, other family groups, and FCFC family representatives by providing or coordinating family-driven evidence-based trainings, technical assistance and support, and practices
  • Serve as a lead for families through addressing needed systems change/improvement in local and state level policy-making
  • Inform OFCF Cabinet of family needs, issues, and recommendations for funding and policy changes that impact families and children

The consulting firm, Wholonomy, conducted focus groups and interviews with professionals, consumers, and family advocates across the state to explore this Network concept.  It became clear through the research project that there is tremendous statewide support for establishing mechanisms to coordinate, align, institutionalize, and build upon family engagement and empowerment opportunities across systems in Ohio.  Below is Wholonomy's final report outlining their findings and recommendations along with an Executive Summary.