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Service Coordination State Committee

The OFCF Service Coordination State Committee will provide administrative reviews of referrals from county FCFCs or a family when a child/family involved in the FCFC service coordination process has needs that the council, through the service coordination process, is unable to meet; or when the individual family team is unsure about how to address the needs of the child or family.

The Service Coordination State Committee will also review unresolved local service coordination disputes, if the administrative review is requested prior to using the juvenile court as final arbitrator of the dispute.

Click on the below links to learn more about the OFCF Service Coordination Committee purpose and process; the Committee's Individualized Family Service Coordination Administrative Review; and/or the Dispute Resolution Administrative Review.

Service Coordination State Committee Purpose and Process:

Service Coordination Committee's Individualized Family Administrative Review:

Service Coordination Committee's Dispute Resolution Administrative Review: