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OFCF Cabinet Council

The OFCF Cabinet Council is mandated to include the following individuals: the superintendent of public instruction; and the directors of aging, alcohol and drug addiction services, developmental disabilities, health, job and family services, mental health, rehabilitation and correction, rehabilitation services commission, youth services, budget and management, and a representative from the Governor's Office. The Governor or his designee serves as Chairperson of the OFCF Cabinet Council.

The OFCF Deputy Directors of the above agencies operationalize the work of the OFCF Cabinet Council.  The below resources include the guidelines for the Cabinet to accomplish its work, the 2010 Transition Manual that provides a comprehensive review of the OFCF Cabinet Council and the county FCFCs, an assessment conducted by the Forum for Youth Investment with recommendations for future administrations, and the National Center for Juvenile Justice's Ohio Courts Bulletin highlighting the work of the OFCF Cabinet Council and the county FCFCs.